About BodyJet AquaShape® Liposuction

The distribution of fat on the body plays an essential role in the body image of many people. Unwanted fatty deposits are generally located on the stomach, hips, waist or thighs. Even well-disciplined people sometimes have to fight with small but stubborn fat zones. The absence of fat in certain parts of the body, such as buttocks that are perceived as flat, can have a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing.

BodyJet – AquaShape® enables extensive body contouring. Using water-jet assisted liposuction, autologous fat is gently removed from sites where it is not wanted and inserted into those body parts where it is wanted. This allows individualised and targeted contouring of your body.

Holistic body contouring

Even a well-trained body of normal weight can have what are referred to as problem zones. These usually cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise. These exercise- and diet-resistant fat deposits are usually located on parts of the body where they are perceived as annoying.

Using the precise power of the water-jet, unwanted fatty tissue can be gently detached from the subcutaneous tissue for permanent removal. The surrounding subcutaneous tissue, the nerves and blood vessels remain largely undamaged. With water-jet assisted liposuction the negative impact on the body of the tumescence solution that is left in the body is almost avoided.

The body appears slimmer and the proportions become more harmonious. Nevertheless, treatment with AquaShape® is not a substitute for a healthy diet and adequate exercise. AquaShape® is also not an alternative for treating excess weight or obesity.