The gentle and selective power of the water-jet during liposuction

Unlike conventional liposuction procedures, during the water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) the fat is detached from the tissue structure with much less force, reducing the risk of side effects significantly. The surrounding connective tissue, as well as nerves and blood vessels, remain much less traumatised.

As to the pre-infiltration, the WAL method also clearly differs from common liposuction procedures. In conventional procedures, the subcutaneous adipose tissue is filled with a large volume of tumescent fluid in order to prepare the operation. As a result, the body contours become blurred; the body looks swollen. This is not the case with the water-jet assisted liposuction. In this procedure, far less tumescent fluid (approx. 70% less) is introduced into the body before operation.

Due to simultaneous irrigation and aspiration of the fat cells, you as a physician have direct control over the body’s contours and the amount of fluid introduced and aspirated throughout the whole operation. As a result, the adverse effects of the tumescent fluid during the procedure can be avoided.

Using the water-jet, hematomas and injuries to the sensitive nerves located directly beneath the skin occur far less frequently. The majority of tissue strands beneath the skin, which are important for skin tightening, remain intact.